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My professional IT career spans over 16 years of hands-on experience and training courses including Microsoft, Compaq, Dell, HP, Sun, IBM, SCO, Linux and many others. Starting my work in the IT field in the mid-90′s, I started working on the old XT systems running MS DOS 3.0 and have had vast experience in all major Operating Systems and Hardware / Configurations since then; including Windows Server, Spark, Firebird, SCO OpenServer, Debian, OS/2, Novel, VM etc.

A career change at the age of 23 saw me move into the design industry where I worked mostly with large format printing companies and advertising agencies where I fell in love with design work. Doing all kinds of work for anyone from small corporate offices to large scale enterprise companies requiring Corporate Branding, Product Design, Proof of Concepts, Product Placement, TV Commercials, Radio commercials, Print Media, Billboards and Viral Marketing to mention a few. I have had the privilege of seeing my creative works not only on national billboards and international magazine prints, but also on national TV and international ad campaigns and branding exercises.

Graphics and design are my passion, as such I am constantly working to improve my skills and skill sets as well as keep myself up to date with the latest design trends, locally and internationally.


Some of my Graphic and Website Design Skill Sets:

UX Design Patterns
UX Strategies
UX Analytics
Corporate Branding
Marketing & Research
Product Placement
Large Format Advertising
All Forms of Digital Media
Story Boarding & Conceptualisation



User Experience, Interface Design, Frontend Development, HTML, XML, CSS, Graphic Design, Website Design, Corporate Branding, Product Placement, Advertising, Marketing, Digital Media